Friday, August 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning this early?...

If you think I've started de-cluttring, you're wrong.
If you think I'm getting rid of old clothes, you're wrong.
If you think I'm having a yard sale for un-used toys, you're wrong...

For the time being, that is.

I'm de-cluttering, re-organizing, getting rid of, throwing away and re-prioritizing my emotional state of being, my faith and my life in general.

I've neglected putting God first and that's going to change.
I've neglected focusing on those who truly meant the most to me and paid attention to the un-needed drama.
I've neglected taking that "me and God" time every day, but will avidly seek after Him now instead.

Emotional Spring Cleaning To Do List:
* Brush the dirt and drama under the rug
* Throw away the negativity out of my life and my family's life
* Prioritize and focus on the important things.

Yup. *sigh* What a transformation over a couple of months. :) Thank you Father.

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