Monday, February 20, 2012

A Turning Point in Life... Or Two or Three.

A lot of changes have been happening for our family, hence the short MIA period.  Let me just break this down for you:

So, we finally had our first broken bone in the family.  It just so happened to be my 5 year old little dare devil... go figure.  He was running upstairs to come downstairs, missed the first step and fell straight to the landing.  He had a clean break right on his growth plate at the bottom of his humorous.  All is healing well and he's adjusted just fine.  Better than I would have, but kids are so resilient.  

In January, we found out the home we currently rent was being put on the market for sale.  I had a feeling this day was coming, but definitely was not prepared for it.  I can't believe how much crap we have accumulated in 3 years here!  Talk about de-cluttering and garage sale time.  By the beginning of February, the house was listed, open houses began and walk thrus with agents were occurring on a regular basis.  I just love keeping 2,600 sqft clean at any given moment of the day for potential buyers.  However, I keep this home in my prayers daily for it to sell because our landlords have been absolute saints and we adore them.

On February 15th, we signed the papers for a long term lease on a large townhome with TONS of character.  Therefore, this blog will most likely turn into a transformation of our new place since I've been given total creative freedom by our new landlord.  Yes to paint, moldings, etc.  Hope Pinterest is ready for me to conquer a lot on my "Home" board.  Hopefully, some of you can get inspiration from my little crazy ideas.  And just wait until you see the pictures of the deck in our new backyard.  Talk about V.I.E.W. of the city... and yes, we get to stay in Chino Hills even though we looked all over the county.  Did you really think I would budge on that one?  Sorry, but you just can't beat Chino Valley school district.  It's ah-mazing.

I'm going to go missing for a couple weeks while we get this move finished.  I feel like I'm drowning in boxes and deadlines, and my OCD is on overdrive.  Here's just one example of post-its covering my kitchen that state: EMPTY; If there are contents, what they are; What date said contents should be packed.

But really, I never want to do this again until we buy property in the south once the kids are in college.  Mr. Crazy better make me a southern belle someday or else.

Til next time, Happy Moving!