Saturday, August 15, 2009


This crazy week ended with a bang. There was an amazing turnout at VBS Family Night and the performances for the parents went off without a hitch.
My husband took some incredible pictures that I will forever be thankful for.
Both my kids were praising God, my mom came to support all three of us performing, and it was just an overwhelming energy one cannot begin to describe!
My mom treated us to Islands afterwards, where Cameron told her she was "beediful" (beautiful). I honestly think I saw her melting right in her seat. What a beediful moment. ;)

Then this morning, I had some errands to run and low and behold, I got to go by myself!
*cue Triumphant music*
Recently, becoming a stay-at-home mom, it is very rare that I get any grocery shopping done, any checks deposited, any Venti frappucinos, any gas runs, etc, without my kids screaming at each other (or me) from the backseat. "Mom, turn on Take, Take, Take It All." "Mommy, turn up liddle peez." (Mommy, turn up the music little please) "Cameron, stop hitting me!" "Nandin (Landon), me do it." "Mommy, me sing!" "Mom, the sun is too hot for my eyes." "Mommy, where's Sissy (Jordan)?" And on and on and on.....
I deposited some checks, got my Venti frap from Starbucks, got school supplies for Landon AND grocery shopping!!! All in a few hours with just peace and my worship music on. Can we say "beediful"?

So now I'm home, still procrastinating folding the darn laundry, and listening to my kids watching Veggie Tales. And Landon has since figured out how to use the DVD remote, so needless to say, we may watch the same part 10 times before moving on. A person can only handle hearing "If you like to talk to tomatoes" so many times before going nuts. I think I'm going to remove the batteries! Ahhh yes!


Dang it. He figured out the batteries were missing. Note to self: Must find a remote where the battery pack opens only by removing a screw like all the kids toys come with now!

Maybe I'll start folding that laundry now. Do you like to talk to tomatoes? :)

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