Friday, August 21, 2009

Princess Jordie turns 5!!!!!

5 years ago on this day, Jordan Emma was born into this world to my amazing husband Michael and his ex, Bree. (I'm being nice because this is for Jordie.) lol

I went and visited them the day after she was born because we were friends. After that day, I wasn't able to see her because both his ex and mine did not want us to be friends anymore since they could sense an obvious chemistry between us. hahahahaha Little did I know, a year later, I would become a major part of this little girl's life. Shortly after splitting with my ex and moving out with our nine month old, Michael and Jordan stepped into my life and we started to become a blended family. It hasn't always been the easiest situation (and that's putting it as lightly as possible), but living my life without her now wouldn't be living at all. I love her as my own. She looks up to me, confides in me as much as a 5 year old can, trusts me and most of all, loves me. And man do I love her!!!

So Happy 5th Birthday Jordie Girl!

You make me so darn proud to be your step mom and I look forward to the beautiful Christ-loving woman you become... let's just not get there too terribly fast, ok pumpkin? :)

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