Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Never Want To Move Again


No matter how prepared I was.  No matter how detailed my checklist was.  No matter how much I got done in advance...

Moving sucked monkey toes.  Isn't it funny how no one decides to return phone calls or answer your pleas for help on moving day?  Not to mention, we literally had two weeks to get it all done.

But we're here and I'm extremely grateful and in love with our new place.  It's a blank, white canvas and I'm beyond ready to paint it and get out as many Pinterest ideas as I can.  With that said, here's a couple of teaser pics:

**New Deck in Backyard**

**Front Door - Living Room Area**
(Can we just say 'hello exposed wood Cape Cod feel?')

**Wall of Built Ins - Living Room Area* 

**Staircase (which I l.o.v.e.)**
(Can't wait to cover those walls in pictures!)

**Boys' Bedroom with their own Balcony** 

**Jordan's Room with more Built Ins** 

So that's about it for right now.  I'm currently obsessed with all the bright spring colors: turquoise, coral, lime green, yellows... so you can bet you'll be seeing those in my new place.  Let's just say I already have turquoise curtains up in the living room.  Ohhhh yes.

On that note, can someone please buy me a couple of these pillows?
They're only $120.00 over at  Come on people, help a girl out.  ;)

So I promise, once the unpacking is complete, start checking back for updates inside AND out.  I may dive into the green thumb world after all.