Monday, January 2, 2012

Countless Hours in the Laundry Room = Mini Makeover

Are you like me where you feel like you spend endless hours a week in the laundry room?  It seems that no matter how much laundry I do, the pile continues to grow.  When we lived in our first apartment together, I HATED doing laundry.  The complex had a common laundry area so it was always "Are you done using this machine?", "Damn I ran out of quarters.", "This person hasn't been here, I'm removing their stuff.", etc.  HATED.
So when we moved into our first home, having the "luxury" of the washer and dryer in it's own room in the house was a definite improvement.  I remember one of the first nights where we were able to put the last load into the dryer and then go to bed without worrying about our clothes getting stolen was amazing.
Being a stay at home mom now, I wonder how I ever got laundry done when I worked.  Was I on crack?  I must have been because I feel like I'm in my laundry room almost every day... well, 3 kids and 1 Mr. Crazy definitely contributes to that.  ;)

One day, as I'm loading towels, I looked around and thought, "Bleh."  There are so many cute and cheap ideas out there for making over laundry rooms.  What the heck was I waiting for???

***drum roll please***

I found these pictures at the Dollar Tree.  Yes, please.

Do you like my little lost and found signs?  We have a real problem with that Sock monster in our house, so it's a great way to keep track of missing pairs.  I'll put up a tutorial of it later this week.
Then a simple shower rod (yes, shower rod) and curtains pulled back with ribbons complete the look.

I found this sign on Pinterest and decided to recreate it using words printed on tissue paper and mod-podging it onto a canvas.  Yes, that really works!
And seriously, the "Iron... Ha Ha" part is sooooo me.  Mr. Crazy always asks if I'm in a fight with my iron.  The answer is yes.

Total Mini Makeover Cost: $6.
I know it's not much, but it makes me feel MUCH happier when I'm in that small space.
What do you think?  Hopefully, this can give you some inspiration to make over a small space of your own with minimal materials.