Thursday, August 27, 2009

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There's quite a bit going on right now and it's hard to keep up. This is the first time in my "Mommy" life I've had to keep up with so many different schedules. I got myself a calendar with different stickers and different colored pens and started labeling the calendar dates per family member activity. Sheesh. Jordan is in Kindergarten, Landon is starting Kindergarten on Monday, Mikey is going back to school and starts this evening, I'm psychotically busy myself and Cam keeps me busy enough just being himself. lol You can only imagine what this calendar looks like - best description would be a melting pot of red, purple, pink, green and blue colors. LUCKILY, none of the school activities overlap each other, so we're good. Busy, but good. :)

Speaking of Jordan, my big girl had her 5th Birthday Party over the weekend and it was just a blast!
It was all Hannah Montana themed, stars everywhere, we rented karaoke, went swimming and just overall, had a really good time.
I made this cake for her and I would do it again in a heartbeat! lol


She had her first day of Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I cried walking away from her classroom that morning. It is insanely crazy how fast they grow up. But she loves her class and I am so so proud of her!

On to Wednesday: Landon had his assessment testing for Kindergarten. Let me just start by saying the teacher immediately sat me down and told me my son was too young to start Kindergarten and he would most likely be on the "2 year" plan. (All based on past teaching experience, his birthday being in Nov and that he was a boy.) I refuse to be an overbearing parent that says, "Well my child is brilliant and will succeed in your class no matter what you say." But I didn't need to say that. Landon proved that to her himself and I was just beaming with pride. He was very polite, interacted well with the other little girl in the meeting with us, and scored 100% on Capital Letters, 98% on Lowercase Letters, 92% on Numbers 1-30, and the teacher thought he was doing so well, she threw in an extra test of Alphabet Sounds which he scored 47% on!!! None of the other kids tested so far took that test!!! She ended the meeting by saying, "You're right. He's very ready for Kindergarten. I'm quite impressed." So proud. So so proud.

Well, time to finish folding the never-ending laundry and clean.
PS - Can someone do a rain dance to make this heat wave go away??? :)

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  1. Wow they have tests for kindergarten? That's pretty tough