Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did the past few days really just happen?

So, finally this year, I had the chance to volunteer for VBS... which in case you don't know, stands for Vacation Bible School. Most churches have them, but I doubt any church does them like CCV (Christ's Church of the Valley). We have 400 kids in attendance this year, which also means it has brought out the most amazing volunteers and teachers. Their morning begins at 9:00 with an all school assembly at 9:15, and then they rotate through different activities throughout the morning until the closing assembly at noon. Where am I you may ask? Well probably where you think I am... On Stage. Duh. lol

I get my ever-so-cool "Hannah Montana" microhphone and I sing and dance and worship and praise on stage in front of all these AMAZING kids!

The best moment:
Looking out into the sea of children and spotting Landon. He wasn't looking at me at the time because he had his eyes closed and was worshiping the Lord with his hands held high. I literally had to start lip syncing for the moment because I was choking up and didn't want to cry into the mic. To see my son having a moment with his Maker was indescribable. Ok, tearing up again. A few minutes later, I caught his eye and he smiled so big and gave me HUGE thumbs up! I saw him tap his friend and say, "That's my mom up there!" For some reason, all the little boys in his class give me hugs now. lol I wonder why? :)

Another great moment:
This whole week, the kids are bringing in coins and money to give to other children in Zimbabwe. After hearing about the difference he could make, Landon immediately came home and said he wanted to give money to the kids. So I reached for my wallet and he stopped me. "No, Mom... I want to give them my own money." (Which let me add, that he has a secret stash of money that he has been saving up to go on a trip to Toys R Us, so the kid is doing quite good.) So he went upstairs to his "hiding place", took out some money and even gave a couple of dollars to his younger brother so he could contribute the next day. He then asked, "Mom, do you think the other kids in Zimbabwe will be able to go to Toys R Us with this money?" Oh if only he truly knew what it was like. I told him his money would buy food and clothes, which are always better than toys, which he responded, "Oh yes, mom. Nobody likes a hungry naked baby running around because they're grumpy."

The week thus far has really made me step back and look at my kids in a whole new light. Cameron is coming home and avidly wants me to read the Bible with him. Landon is talking nonstop about the lesson plans he has been learning. This year's theme is Dr. Suess - A person's a person no matter how small. My kids feel special, loved and appreciated. And I have no one to thank but God for giving all the loving volunteers the strength to instill His Word in each and every kid.

In the next couple of days, I pray that the Lord has touched so many kids that they will choose to give their hearts to Christ. Could you imagine being a parent and hearing your child say, "Yes, Lord. I will follow You for the rest of my life. Please come into my heart."?

Friday evening, there is a performance at 6:30pm if anyone is interested. All 400 kids will be performing so it will be a good time.

I think I'll call myself "That Proud Mom Over There" for the day. :)

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  1. The image of Landon raising his arms and worshipping the Lord makes me want to cry. I hope to have a moment like that with Liam some day. Thanks for sharing, Net.