Thursday, February 3, 2011

All About Decals

When you live in a rental home, you need to get crafty with the way you decorate.  To me, nothing is better than removable wall art.  And accessories.  :)
I posted earlier this week how I'm stumped as to how to vamp up our master bedroom.  I will post pictures tomorrow on the start of this project.  I've had a wall decal that says: We do not remember days, we remember Moments.  I've been waiting for the right place to put this and it dawned on me... duh, above our bed.  I started working on it when I got home from work tonight, but since a head cold has consumed my day, I got 1/3 of the way through and had to stop to sit down.  So here I am, medicated and on the couch with a million tissues in front of me, updating my blog instead of finishing my headboard wall.  *sigh*
So that's it for now.  If you ever need a great place for decals, I highly suggest Dali Decals.  Their stuff is insane!

And on top of cleaning and prepping my house for our Superbowl Party on Sunday, I'm determined to try the chalkboard paint-vase project that I linked to earlier in the week.  I bought the vases, just need to get the paint.  This mama is can't sit down, want to jump around excited!

Goodnight blogworld.  Happy coughing, sneezing, best sleep I'm going to get tonight?  Riiiight.  ;)


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