Sunday, January 31, 2010

*** In Remembrance of Jon Glyer ***

Where to begin? I don't know if I can even put into words what I am feeling at this moment, but I will try.

My close friend my high school passed away a couple of days ago in a tragic and freak accident at work. A machine that he was working with went wrong and came crashing down on his head, killing him instantly. He was 27 years old.

Now I only knew him closely for about 2 years since I switched high schools and met him my Junior year. We became fast friends. Jon was the type of person that got along with everyone. Jon was the type of person you could always rely on. Jon was the type of person that could make you smile just because he wanted to. It was seemingly effortless for him to be such a great person. And I know that he held God so dear to his heart which made him even more of an inspiration. Jon and I had many talks throughout our friendship about anything under the sun, we went to a dance together, and we even went on a date... but both realized very quickly we were much better off as just friends. :) I have such great memories with him that I will cherish forever and I will never forget him.

But just knowing, that one of my graduating classmates is gone really took a toll on me yesterday and today. Being so young at 27, leaving behind a beautiful wife of over 3 years, and an adoring family, really makes you put things into perspective. For some, it may be re-evaluating their life in certain areas or as a whole. For me, it's reaffirming my belief that God is ultimately in control of anything and everything. God can step in at any moment, and boy does he.... especially when we least expect it. I gave my heart to Christ in 2005 and was baptized with my husband, hand in hand, in 2009. I try very hard to devote time daily to His word, spend time sharing it with my children, and hopefully instilling into them a peace, a love, a joy like no other. Jon certainly knew all this from a very young age because his family brought him up in God's light and now he is dancing on streets of gold!!! I pray I will see him there someday... and that my children will follow.

So here's to Jon. An incredible man of God. To all those giggles in drama, stories at lunch, long talks on the steps while eating the greatest cookies a school can provide. You lived a great and fulfilling life and I guess it was your time to go Home to the Father. May you look down on us always, knowing you've changed lives, befriended many, and opened hearts of the shamed. We love you Jon. We will miss you dearly.

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