Monday, January 25, 2010

~A Girls Night In~

After being sick all last week, my wonderful husband gave me a night away from "responsibility" and took the kids down to his parents place. So a few of my girls came over for a now legendary Girls Night In. Let me tell you, we had an absolute blast! I haven't laughed that hard in sooooo long and that girl bonding time was so needed. :)

We made brownies, drank cider, watched scary ghost shows, made crafty tote bags, did our own ghost hunt (lol), and played Wii Fit til 4am!!! Yup, 4am. We slept in the next morning, ate breakfast in bed, watched a few more shows, then napped til 3:30pm when we finally decided to get up. lol I have NOT done that sort of sleeping in/napping since before I had kids! It was amazing!!!! We definitely need to do it again soon... maybe not the 4am because I don't know if my body can handle that anymore, lol, but we shall see.

So now it's back to the daily grind of making lunches, helping with homework, cleaning and more cleaning, laundry, dropping off and picking up from school, dance class, and starting next week: baseball practices! Some may say I'm crazy... I just think I'm blessed. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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