Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Far too much weighing on my "plastic" heart...

So I took a breather from loads of laundry and cleaning to watch Julie & Julia today while my kids were either napping or preoccupied. ;) And I use that term very lightly.

Watching the movie reminded me of how much I've been neglecting the very thing that allowed to speak my mind, this blog! I may not have many followers, but someday, people will read what I have to say and agree, disagree, hate it, love it, and all write their opinions... because that's what it's all about. Right?

However, life has been pretty crazy lately. Finally the holidays are over and I can see straight again... damn eggnog. lol My kids got more toys than I think I've had in my whole life. We're very blessed I must say and I never take one single day for granted.

Last Saturday, we had a couple of birthday parties to attend. Luckily, at different times so we were able to schedule in both. The first party was for a 6 year old in my son's Kindergarten class. We went to one of those indoor bounce house places for a couple of hours and since the workers there take over everything (thank goodness!), us moms that stayed were able to sit and gossip, ummm I mean chat for a little while. Somehow we got on the topic of dentists and orthodontists and one mom was explaining how she didn't feel comfortable going to a certain orthodontist because all his assistants looked "plastic" and well, like, *pointing finger* like me. Me? ME? I must have given her some sort of strange look because immediately she "recovered" by saying, "Oh but you're ok because you're nice." Now I don't want to say anything mean, and she's not completely unfortunate looking if she wore a little makeup and lost weight... but that makes me sound more 'plastic' doesn't it? Does it really matter that I like to wear cute clothes and do my makeup and hair? Is it a bad thing that I like to workout and look good for my husband? Does that make me a plastic bitch? So that got me thinking... what makes a person 'plastic'? I guess there's the bitchy plastic bitch. The nice plastic bitch. And the following plastic bitch. I just don't get it. Should I be accepting that as a backhanded compliment? Either way, she was really out of line with what she said and apparently by the look on my face, she knew it.

On to the next topic: my husband's ex. I feel like I should just be retitling my blog to that. LOL Probably get a lot of followers then. ;) My mom went and saw a taping of the Dr. Phil show and brought home a book called "No One's the Bitch". It's well written by two wives: the ex wife and the current one and how they have succeeded to fight for years, resolve their differences, and now get along so well that they have written a book together. So I started reading it. There's no way in hell I will ever get to the point of writing a book with my husband's ex, but I thought the journaling sections and what the book covered was worth the shot. I've tried to be nice. I've tried to uncover my deep insecurities. I've tried to make the whole thing all about my step-daughter and the minute I do, it gets trampled on by that whale. Sorry. Had to be said. My step-daughter has been ecstatic to play t-ball with my oldest son this season. Sign ups are tomorrow so I wrote her mother a very nice (and detailed) email letting her know Jordan wanted to play. To make an extremely long past couple of days shorter, the bitch has said no. Mainly because she doesn't want to take the time for practices and/or games that would fall on "her" days. What kind of mother basically tells their child, that they are too busy to support them in extra curricular activities??? She is 30, lives at HOME with her parents, works a part time job and collects an obscene amount of child support from us a month. Man she must have it hard. Here I am, battling my ex-husband who doesn't want to pay me a dime in child support when he hasn't seen or spoken to his son since April of 2007! And here my wonderful husband is, fighting with his ex to spend more quality time with his daughter, letting her do things she really wants to do! Why can't she see this? I wish a slap across the face would get her to wake up, but then again, as I was writing that email, I knew she was going to say no. So sad. I feel so terrible for my Jordan.

So..... WE'RE SIGNING HER UP ANYWAYS! She can do practices and games when she's with us. We can't be the only family out there that has joint custody and problems with a neglective parent. It's good for kids to get invloved in these activities and as long as I can help it, my kids will be doing them. Don't get my wrong, I'm not forcing them into anything. If they try something and hate it, they never have to do it again. But giving up or quitting is NOT AN OPTION.

Come on and follow me. I promise to update more. This should be a lot of fun!

Time for some egg salad sandwhiches and homemade Knott's biscuits. :) G'night all.

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