Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Wrap-Up

Wow it's been an incredibly busy week!  My cake order for the weekend has been picked up so I can finally breathe and relax.  Probably go get my nails done since they are starting to scare me.  ;)

Made two great recipes this week.  Monday night consisted of a homemade parmesan sauce with spinach, tossed with angel hair pasta and garlic bread.  The sauce is so easy to make, I highly recommend it.

Then in honor of "Taco Tuesday", we made grilled chicken tostadas.  The recipe calls for a homemade marinade to be refrigerated overnight and boy was it worth the wait.  The chicken was just running with the most delicious juices!

My most favorite part of the week came yesterday.  Landon had his first dance competition and I was just beaming with pride.  His dances took High Gold (highest they could get for their division), and then also took 5th and 3rd Overall for the Petitie Division!  Watching him on stage brought back so many memories for me...  especially when he "secretly" told me he was nervous before he went on.  Now he says he loves it and can't wait for the next one. Well don't worry, we have one every month now through July.  Thinking of a bank to rob to pay for all of it.  LOL  Please don't take that literally.
So after a long day, I came home to work on a cake order for my most favorite co-worker.  It's her dad's birthday and he loves jazz music and all that it entails.  So I made him this cake:
I think it's one of my all-time favorites now.  What do you think?

Off to get the nails did and then start on a beef, veggies and barley dinner while watching the Pro Game.  Mmmmmmm.  Making your mouth water yet?
Happy Sunday!

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