Monday, August 13, 2012

That Beachy Bathroom

It should come as no surprise that in a townhome, space planning is necessary.  Well in ours, it seems as though a powder room was an afterthought, shoved behind the laundry room.  Ask me how excited I am that our friends have to walk through our laundry area to use the potty... a
So I decided to give it a little sprucing up.  As mentioned before, my whole downstairs has exposed wood with a "Cape Cod" type of feel, so I've tried to keep things light and airy.  The powder room is no exception with exposed wood on the ceiling.  Let's take a look at the before snapshots, shall we?

Yeah.  Small.
So I found this great color at Home Depot.  It's called Tropical Lagoon (GLB20) from Glidden, and things kind of took off from there.  We have a TJ Maxx Homegoods store by us, so I shopped around a bit and found some candles, hand towels and my favorite piece, the wall picture.
Are you ready???

What do you think???

Let me start with the light/plug socket frames.  I found these at Walmart, unpainted, for $3.  I already had this pretty teal color so I painted them and added rope with my hot glue gun.  Lastly, I had seashells left over from our Mother's Day Luau, so I hot glued them in the corners as well.  Totally cute, right?  (PS - The difference in wall color is merely flash vs no-flash.)

Now, this little lighthouse gem I found in the dollar section at Michael's a couple months ago and bought it for no particular reason... just thought it would be a simple project.  I think it was probably meant as a bird feeder but, ummmmm hello beachy bathroom.  You go perfectly in here.  So I painted it white with the same teal paint on top and voila!  Love.

My last homemade project for the bathroom was a washcloth holder.  You'll never believe what it's made out of... an empty peanut butter jar.  Yup.  I cleaned it out, added paint and our initial, and finally some rope and a seashell with the hot glue gun.  Super easy and super adorable.  I smile every time I see it.

I got the silver rack behind the toilet at Walmart as well for a mere $16.  With that small of a bathroom, I need the storage.  I may add some blue stripes to the back wall in the near future, but we'll see.  Everything topped off with a few accessories and I have myself a cute beachy (but still small) bathroom.

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Hope you like it!  Until next time, have a fabulous week!


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  1. I seriously love it!!!! It looks great and you did such a wonderful job! I may have to borrow the wash cloth holder idea .... you are such a brilliant and crafty woman!!!! Way to go ladybug!